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Trailway Amish Furniture

Handcrafted Custom Amish Furniture in a Quick Ship Program. MADE IN THE USA!

Beauty In All Its Forms
Trailway tables and chairs are works of art that enhance a home's decor, elegant pieces that turn heads and encourage casual, relaxing conversation. If you love timeless classic styles, they're here. If your tastes run to the slightly less conventional, you'll find them as well.

The Finest Woods
The beauty of solid hardwood is on the outside, but under the surface lies a combination of strength, flexibility and durability that cannot be matched by synthetic or engineered substitutes. The first critical step in producing fine hardwood furniture is selecting the best, most consistent woods. We insist on only the finest color and grain pattern. We then store our lumber in a himidity-controlled environment to minimize expansion and contraction during manufacturing.

Bench Made Manufacturing
Each edge of each board is made to fit exactly with another. Boards are matched for grain and color. Holes are precisely drilled to exact standards for pins before assembling slides, base plates and aprons. Then table tops undergo further sanding to prepare them for finishing. No time is spared in making sure surfaces are ultra smooth to receive the chosen stain. Every Trailway table and chair is made to the same high standards of craftsmanship.

The Heart of a Craftsmen
It is the craftsmen's heart that leads him on. His heart that keeps him focused each moment on making the finest piece of furniture he can. His heart that guides every moment of his hand when he sands, every gaze of his eye when he inspects his work. Simply put, it's the heart of a Trailway craftsman, one full of passion and commitment, that result in the end product of his labors. A masterpiece that will be treasured for generations to come.
What lies inside the craftsman who makes a fine Trailway dining set? What keeps him working hard each day with the utmost care? What motivates him to produce furniture that will endure the rigors of time and constant use? It could be the knowledge he possesses. He knows wood species inside and out. He is a master of the tools he uses. His keen eye can detect the kinds of imperfections in a board that make it unsuitable for use. He knows every measurement, every cut, and how to fit each piece together perfectly to create a work of art.
In the hands of a Trailway craftsman, hardwood is carefully chiseled, carved and sanded into a stunning design. No assembly line. No one-size-fits all. Just quality craftsmanship that lasts.

Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture
Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture
Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture
Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture
Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture
Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture

Trailway Arlington Amish Furniture